Racial Profiling isn’t Just Wrong, it’s Stupid

With the resurgence of openly hateful rhetoric from certain political candidates, racial profiling is once again a mainstream issue. While there are a plethora of arguments on why it is wrong, involving human dignity, human rights, negative externalities, etc, I’m going to ignore all of that. I’m not saying it’s not important or that those… Continue reading Racial Profiling isn’t Just Wrong, it’s Stupid

The Minimum Wage Debate and Racial Inequality

There is an interesting post about the minimum wage debate here. Honestly, for this post, the tone felt a little off, and it seemed as if the evidence was selected in order to validate the preformed conclusion, but it raises an interesting point none the less(and as I struggle with tone, I’m sympathetic to the… Continue reading The Minimum Wage Debate and Racial Inequality

The Measurement of Reperations

With the recent unveiling of a list of demandsĀ of the Movement for Black Lives, many questions have been answered about the policy goals of the social movement. I agree with many of these policy proposals, and would encourage any readers to look through them, in all their detail and nuance. I’ll post a few articles… Continue reading The Measurement of Reperations

The Marketplace of Discrimination

Racial inequality and discrimination is a big topic, and one that contains many subsets of subtle, and not so subtle issues. Today I want to go through discrimination as a concept, and look at the causes and types that lead to lower incomes for many groups of society. I will note here that this essentially… Continue reading The Marketplace of Discrimination