The Minimum Wage Debate and Racial Inequality

There is an interesting post about the minimum wage debate here. Honestly, for this post, the tone felt a little off, and it seemed as if the evidence was selected in order to validate the preformed conclusion, but it raises an interesting point none the less(and as I struggle with tone, I’m sympathetic to the… Continue reading The Minimum Wage Debate and Racial Inequality

The Road to Risk

The world of traffic can be a strange place. Driving, in general, is risky. There are weather events, road hazards, mechanical failures, and any variety of factors that can lead to severe harm. Even with these innate hazards, people seem to have a desire to make it even riskier. From putting on makeup, to texting,… Continue reading The Road to Risk

The Marketplace of Discrimination

Racial inequality and discrimination is a big topic, and one that contains many subsets of subtle, and not so subtle issues. Today I want to go through discrimination as a concept, and look at the causes and types that lead to lower incomes for many groups of society. I will note here that this essentially… Continue reading The Marketplace of Discrimination

Debasing The Human Mind: Part 3

In the last two posts on the topic of the recent political conventions dealt with the effect of speech on speakers, and on the way we treat information as a society. In this post, I would like to take some time to explore how this type of speech interacts with social, and group dynamics. For… Continue reading Debasing The Human Mind: Part 3

Debasing The Human Mind: Part 2

This is a three part series on the nature of political speech in the recent political party conventions. The first post in this series takes some time to examine the effect of the impact these convention speeches on the speakers themselves. This analysis can be looked at almost without even considering the nature of the speech.… Continue reading Debasing The Human Mind: Part 2

Debasing The Human Mind: Part 1

The political conventions for both parties have now been completed, but not without their share of controversy, distasteful commentary, and plain fabrication. There is always a certain air of bloodlust at party conventions, but the tide seemed to be a particularly strong hue of crimson this year. While there is a lot of content that… Continue reading Debasing The Human Mind: Part 1