Some Variables to Know: Part 1

The world is a complex place, and the mathematical models used to understand the world are probably even more complex. If you watch the news, political speeches, or even just chat with peopleĀ on the street, you will see a lot of talk about the macroeconomic variables important to the economy. Here, I want to briefly… Continue reading Some Variables to Know: Part 1

The Minimum Wage Debate and Racial Inequality

There is an interesting post about the minimum wage debate here. Honestly, for this post, the tone felt a little off, and it seemed as if the evidence was selected in order to validate the preformed conclusion, but it raises an interesting point none the less(and as I struggle with tone, I’m sympathetic to the… Continue reading The Minimum Wage Debate and Racial Inequality

Measurement and inequality

Inequality can be measured in many ways. The primary way most people look at inequality from a numerical perspective is “vertical” inequality. This is essentially, asking how much money those at the bottom 10% of the income bracket have compared to those at the top 10%. There is another obvious way to look at this… Continue reading Measurement and inequality