Debasing The Human Mind: Part 2

This is a three part series on the nature of political speech in the recent political party conventions. The first post in this series takes some time to examine the effect of the impact these convention speeches on the speakers themselves. This analysis can be looked at almost without even considering the nature of the speech.… Continue reading Debasing The Human Mind: Part 2

Debasing The Human Mind: Part 1

The political conventions for both parties have now been completed, but not without their share of controversy, distasteful commentary, and plain fabrication. There is always a certain air of bloodlust at party conventions, but the tide seemed to be a particularly strong hue of crimson this year. While there is a lot of content that… Continue reading Debasing The Human Mind: Part 1

Measurement and inequality

Inequality can be measured in many ways. The primary way most people look at inequality from a numerical perspective is “vertical” inequality. This is essentially, asking how much money those at the bottom 10% of the income bracket have compared to those at the top 10%. There is another obvious way to look at this… Continue reading Measurement and inequality